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Professional Financial Investors, Inc. (PFI) is a Novato, California real estate investment firm. Their business is owning rental properties, primarily in Marin County. They are one of the largest individual property owners in Marin. They have a sister company, Professional Investors Security Fund, Inc. (PISF), which sold unsecured interest-bearing "Straight Notes" to investors, backed by the PFI real estate portfolio.

Until May of 2020, PFI and PISF accepted new investments and had an unblemished record for more than twenty years, of paying all investors the returns they had promised.

In May 2020, the founder of PFI, Ken Casey, passed away. At that time, irregularities were discovered and an SEC investigation of the company was begun. It is theorized that the company was a classic Ponzi scheme, and had for an unknown period of time been using new investor money to pay interest and redeemed principal to existing investors. That theory has not been proven in a court of law. On 7/14/2020, PFI published a letter discussing the situation.

During the latter half of July 2020, bankruptcy proceedings were begun for both PFI and PFIS. This process continues and a timeline for that is below.

Important Links

JoinIt is the platform used for all PFI/PISF investors. The JoinIt list is the primary mailing list used by folks such as the Creditor's Committee to disseminate important information to the investor community, so investors who want to stay informed should join that group.

All JoinIt applicants are verified against PFI/PISF’s master list to be sure our list stays accurate. By joining you agree to keep all communication from, and documents stored on JoinIt, private within the investor community.

This site is run by PFI/PISF themselves. It has copies of the correspondence sent to investors, and copies of some of the bankruptcy filings.

This site has every document filed in both the PISF and PFI bankruptcies. Among the many things you can do on this site are:

View every document in the PFI case (note that this is the controlling case going forward).

View every document in the PISF case.

Sign up for email notification whenever a new document is filed.

View the schedule of upcoming hearings.

Get information about filing a proof of claim.

This site can be used to directly view documents filed with the US Federal Courts. You need to register to use this site. Registration is free and their is a small charge to retrieve documents. The primary case number for the combined PFI/PISF chapter 11 bankruptcy is 20-30604. Some documents can also be found under the original case number 20-30579.

An extensive collection of California State documents with accompanying analysis by fellow investor Betsy Alberty.

Facebook Groups

There are a number of Facebook groups that are used by members to communicate with each other.

Bankruptcy Timeline

Other Articles

Article on Clawbacks

Contact and Feedback

If you need to contact PFI to get your PFI documents or find out what kind of investments you have, contact:

Jan Furste
(415) 382-6001 x333
350 Ignacio Blvd, Suite 300
Novato, CA 94949

Please do not hesitate to contact with any feedback or suggestions about this site.